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oro nero

oro nero

When Paolo Gennari was asked to make a small Parmigiano Reggiano wheel, he replied that according to the regulations, it had to weigh at least 38 kg. But they didn’t believe him and said that he didn’t know how to make it. That was the day the Oro Nero cheese was created.


We use the milk coming from our farm, it is left whole and hence, richer in cream. We make cheese wheels weighing about 10 kg and let them age for about 6-9 months. Once they have aged, they are fire branded and the rind is painted black (with a food-grade colouring agent). It has a sweet, soft flavour on the palate and hints to the sweet notes of yogurt and cream. We recommend it for an appetising sundowner, to thicken the yummiest risottos or served in slivers on a good carpaccio.


We offer it in four different versions:

oro nero

Classic version

oro nero with truffles
With truffles
oro nero with saffron
With precious organic saffron
pistils inside it

oro nero flower

The most delicate version for vegetarians with plant-based rennet from thistles

oro nero with chilli

The spicier version